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The One Ring

The One Ring RPG coming to Kickstarter February 11 – Sign Up at the Pre-Launch Page!

“This is the Master-ring, the One Ring to rule them all.”

The time has come to enter a new era. We are proud to reveal that the new edition of the acclaimed roleplaying game The One Ring, set in the world of The Lord of the Rings™ by J.R.R. Tolkien, is coming to Kickstarter at 3 pm CET (9 am US Eastern) on February 11!

Sign up at the pre-launch page if you wish to be notified the moment it goes live!

View The One Ring teaser trailer here.

The One Ring RPG is created by game designer Francesco Nepitello in collaboration with Free League. The game will soon bring you all further into the Twilight of the Third Age.

More shall soon be revealed, once the Kickstarter goes live.

The first edition of The One Ring, released in 2011, was hailed as the best attempt at bringing Middle-earth to the gaming table to date, thanks to its thematic rules and painstaking attention to detail. For 10 years, players of the game have traveled far and wide across Middle-earth, adventuring for multiple decades of game time.

Today, it is time for the game to enter a new era – the new edition of The One Ring brings players further into the Twilight of the Third Age with a new hardbound volume, presenting a set of updated and streamlined rules, developed thanks to years of players’ feedback and raising the game to the standards of quality that have made Free League so popular. The look of the game itself has been completely redesigned, offering a view of Middle-earth that is fresh and familiar at the same time.

Now the time has come for The One Ring to enter a new era.
We hope you join us on this grand journey!

The One Ring, Shire, Middle-earth, Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises and are used under license by Sophisticated Games Ltd. and their respective licensees. 

Vorbereitung und Material für DER – Blutige Erde


Mag es sein das ich mir hier die Arbeit Komplet umsonst gemacht habe aber mir ist beim Lesen der Rohan und Bruchtal Helden, am Ende der Bücher, aufgefallen das die Charakterbögen anders, nein einfach gesagt besser aufgebaut sind.
Nun habe ich in zwei Stunden Arbeit diese beiden Seiten gescannt, kopiert bearbeitet (mit Paint…) und dabei sogar was raus bekommen was man als „Brauchbar“ deklarieren kann.

Die Bögen kommen am Wochenende am 19-20.11.2016 zur Verwendung mit Charakteren die ich für die DER Runde auf der Rubicon vorbereite.

Welche Helden das sind, wie sie die Reise erlebt haben und überstanden haben werde ich euch Natürlich berichten!

Wenn jemand Interesse an den Bögen hat muss er das nur Sagen dann kann er die PDF’s bekommen.

Grüße Fjorim