Das englischsprachige OnlineRollenspielMagazin ‚Other Minds 20‘ ist gerade erschienen. Ihr findet darin:

– ‚Tainted Treasure‘ by José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa. Ideas and rules for handling tainted treasures in TOR
– ‚Creatures of Middle-earth: ‚Ogres‘ by Thomas Morwinsky. Background and rules for a new monster in Middle-earth for use with MERP, TOR and AME
– ‚Creatures of Middle-earth: ‚Were-worms of the West‘ by Brian Seligman. A new creature for Middle-earth for use with AME.
– ‚Orc-tribes of Wilderland‘ by José Enrique Vacas de la Rosa. Ideas for more orcish variety in Wilderland for use with TOR.
– ‚Harondor TA 1645‘ by Galendae. A great article about this province of Gondor and accompanying background to the even more fabulous map of the same region.
– ‚Hobbit migrations‘ by Thomas Morwinsky. background about the various areas settled by Hobbits throughout the Third Age, together with a bit of demographics.

Hier geht’s zum Download: http://www.otherminds.net/downloads/other-minds/other-minds-magazine-issue-20.pdf/view?fbclid=IwAR0ZzCZ44Alk-8A3goX__-3dSfBtC5Cg9VLZqMLoPEClG_i_KFE-dbZ4wxA